December 17, 2006

I went to Nagoya.

I just came back to my house from Nagoya. It is about 380km away from my house. I spend about 6 hours. I am not using highway because Japanse highway is bloody expensive. I have to pay 8000 Yen if I use highway from Nagoya to Chiba(my house). but I can go back to home for 4 hours. I have no money so I did not use highway. My car is Toyota Prius. It is hybrid car. Hybrid means car using not only petrol but also electric. My car save electric power if I press break. Is your country's petrol is expensive now? Japanese petrol price is around 120 Yen now.

December 14, 2006

How is your country's election?

Recently, my area is beggining just noisy election. Most of candidacy are using car with big speaker. And they told just clean things. For example, I will cut GST! or I will stop Iraq war! They are just waste money. So most of Japanese people not interesting election recently. Japanese vote percentage is around 30 or 40%. Because some company say you must go election. Because, our company's person is join election. The case is mostly big company. The company can not say please vote him! But the company want to pass election who is join election from their company.

Japanese politician are poor and economy is okay. But Japanese economy is not really bright in the future because too many stupid politicians. They are just waste money and they love renew traffic road then they get under table money. They are Japanese cancer! Over 20% Japanese population are above 65 years old and they collect pensioner fund every month. Who pay that? Politician have to save money more!

December 8, 2006

Thank you for opening my page everyone!^^

Welcome to Red Circle Minaki Times. I am Minaki who is travel many countries and I am Japanese. I have been Australia, South Korea, New Zealand, Philippine, United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Holland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, China now.

I hope to write diary about Japanese normal student life. Please, feel free to write your comment. Thank's mate!

December 6, 2006



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